Accelera Omikron A/T


The Omikron AT tire is designed to maneuver all terrain conditions. Some key features include interlocked and intermediate blocks, two main grooves with notches, and block stepped edges.  Additionally, a mileage warranty and road hazard protection are an added bonus. The Accelera Omikron AT gives you an edge without compromising on comfort, making it a perfect choice for an all-terrain drive. The Accelera Omikron AT is also available in LT-metric commercial application tire sizes.




   Block’s Stepped Edges

Enhance traction in ‘Off-road’ surface

      Shoulder Blocks with Z sipes

Provide excellent cornering. The connecting bars prevent irregular wear and enhance dry braking power.

    The Interlocked Blocks

The combination of center and intermediate interlocked blockes with Z sipes assures comfort driving on highway.

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