Impetus Revo is the 1st generation comfort tyre which is engineered for continous comfort and control.



Quiet and comfortable driving

Impetus Revo offers a unique acoustic comfort to drivers thanks to its special simulation program that minimizes tire related noise level. With this technology, drivers experience a journey quiet as winds while
enjoying driving a car.

Superior balance and improved road handling

With its perfect road handling and short stopping distance, Impetus Revo is designed for the drivers to feel themselves more secure on dry grounds and all kinds of road conditions. Thanks to the revolutionary technologies used at its design, Impetus Revo responds greatly to the challenging maneuvers of drivers and keeps linear stability of cars in maximum level at high speeds.enjoying driving a car.

Perfect road handling and absolute control on wet grounds

Driving a car on wet grounds is always been a matter of concern. Yet those, who use Impetus Revo, can always travel safely under control regardless of the wetness level of the ground. Its optimized pattern minimizes the aquaplaning possibility by draining more water at the moment it contacts the wet ground and enables the tire to offer high level of reliability throughout its life span.

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