About Black Gold Kenya

Black Gold Kenya – Tyrella Ventures, your premier destination for all things wheels. Established in 2019 by the visionary Shehzaad Ahmed, we have swiftly become a leading force in the wheel industry.

At Tyrella Ventures, we don’t just sell wheels; we redefine your driving experience. Our expertise lies in the sales and consulting of Tyres, Rims, Rim restoration, and body paintwork, ensuring that every client receives the best possible outcome when selecting their next set of wheels.

Discover the pinnacle of performance and style with our specialized offerings:

Passenger Tyres (PCR): Experience smooth and comfortable rides with our extensive range of Passenger Tyres designed for maximum performance on the road.

All Terrain Tyres: For those who seek versatility and performance in various terrains, our All Terrain Tyres are engineered to deliver exceptional traction and control.

Mud Terrain Tyres: Conquer challenging off-road landscapes with confidence, thanks to our Mud Terrain Tyres, designed to provide optimal grip and durability in muddy conditions.

Rugged Terrain Tyres: Navigate rough and uneven terrains effortlessly with our Rugged Terrain Tyres, ensuring a sturdy grip and enhanced performance in demanding environments.

Industrial & Agricultural Tyres: From heavy-duty industrial applications to agricultural machinery, our specialized tyres are crafted to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring reliability and durability.

Light & Heavy Truck Tyres: Maximize the efficiency of your trucks with our range of Light and Heavy Truck Tyres, offering superior load-bearing capacity and long-lasting performance.

OTR Tyres (Off-The-Road): Experience unparalleled durability and reliability with our Off-The-Road Tyres, designed to tackle the challenges of construction sites and off-road environments.

At Black Gold Kenya – Tyrella Ventures, we are not just a wheel company; we are your partners in enhancing your driving experience. Trust us to deliver excellence in every rotation.